APEX TRIGGERS IN SALESFORCE: Apex Triggers scenarios for practice️

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APEX TRIGGERS IN SALESFORCE: Apex Triggers scenarios for practice️
APEX TRIGGERS IN SALESFORCE: Apex Triggers scenarios for practice️
Apex triggers enable you to perform custom actions before or after events to records in Salesforce, such as insertions, updates, or deletions. Just like database systems support triggers, Apex provides trigger support for managing records.
Typically, you use triggers to perform operations based on specific conditions, to modify related records, or restrict certain operations from happening. You can use triggers to do anything you can do in Apex, including executing SOQL and DML or calling custom Apex methods.

Looking for Salesforce Apex Triggers Scenarios check it out: https://salesforcegeek.in/36-trigger-scenarios-for-practice-in-salesforce-basic-to-advance/

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