Automate Hypermedia PHP REST API with Doctrine ORM – 008

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Automate Hypermedia PHP REST API with Doctrine ORM - 008
Automate Hypermedia PHP REST API with Doctrine ORM – 008
Automate Hypermedia (HAL) for a PHP REST API in a Zend Expressive PHP project with Doctrine ORM. Includes adding pagination related links to web development. This method could be used for any PSR-7 PHP application. (see shortcuts below to key points) Adam Culp of Beachcasts php videos shows how to automate hypermedia creation using the expressive-hal component.

Later we will be introducing Zend Framework (Laminas Project) components, as well as components from other projects.

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Key Topics:
– Using Expressive HAL component
– Automate Hypermedia creation
– Leverage Doctrine ORM Paginator for HAL creation

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Technically, the AnnouncementsCollection is not an entity.
17.39 The use of route in the getHalMetadataMap() function is not for routing, and is instead what is used to generate URLs in HAL.

Code used in this, and in future videos in this series is located at:

Associated Links: – Site for Zend Expressive – Zend Expressive HAL Component – Automated HAL creation for Doctrine Paginator – Expressive main site – Laminas Project site – PhpStorm PHP IDE

00:00 Video Intro
03:46 Execute bash inside Docker container
05:18 Composer require the zend-expressive-hal package
07:42 Composer require zend-hydrator package
08:25 Confirm that ConfigProviders are added to config
10:30 Update route to use pagination as arguments in URL
12:45 Create a collection object extending the Doctrine Paginator
14:10 Update Expressive module ConfigProvider with the MetadataMap for zend-expressive-hal
18:25 Updating the ReadHandlerFactory to create needed HAL generator objects
21:46 Updating the ReadHandler to expect the HAL generator objects injected
24:35 Update the Handle method to create HAL
31:00 Creating the return that will contain the HAL

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