Awk Isn't Just A Command: Let's Learn The Basics

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Awk Isn't Just A Command: Let's Learn The Basics
Awk Isn't Just A Command: Let's Learn The Basics
Today we’ll be covering chapter 1 of our awk programming tutorial series, this will be covering a lot of the aw basics, the main topics for today will be how to use the awk interpreter in the first place, the syntax structure, conditionals and variables. All of which are fundamental to working with the awk language and awk command.

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Time Stamps
0:00 Why
0:46 Executing Awk Programs
1:59 BEGIN And END Blocks
4:12 Script In A File
5:13 Awk Shebang
6:06 Variables
7:38 Search Strings
8:35 Multiple Regexes
9:29 Conditionals
10:06 If Statements
11:12 Curly Braces In If
11:40 Else and Else If
12:27 For Loops
13:07 While Loop
13:35 Practical Example
14:31 Special Variables

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