Batch Apex In Salesforce Salesforce Premium Development Course 2023

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Batch Apex In Salesforce Salesforce Premium Development Course 2023
Batch Apex In Salesforce Salesforce Premium Development Course 2023
Batch Apex operates over small batches of records, covering your entire record set and breaking the processing down to manageable chunks. We could build a data cleansing operation that goes through all Accounts and Opportunities on a nightly basis and updates them if necessary, based on custom criteria.
Batch Apex is exposed as an interface that must be implemented by the developer. Batch jobs can be programmatically invoked at runtime using Apex.

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Shrey is a Chief Executive Officer at Cyntexa, a SILVER Salesforce Consulting Partner in the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore & India, having a vibrant team of 100 certified Salesforce experts, including developers and architects, consultants, administrators, and MVPs. Shrey took Cyntexa from 5 to 100 people in less than 1.5 years while multiplying the revenues by 8 times. Shrey has been an entrepreneur since the age of 13 as he was buying and selling stuff and making money in the school itself. Shrey is the Youngest Salesforce MVP in the world who firmly believes in providing value to the people and building long-term value-based relationships. His mission is to disrupt the way professional technical services are delivered by bringing back empathy for the end-user rather than being operational and transactional. Shrey is popularly known as Salesforce Hulk in the Salesforce ecosystem as he was the first one to start creating videos on Salesforce on his YouTube channel named as Salesforce Hulk, and that too at the age of 19.

Shrey is also the founder of S2 Labs, a Salesforce Training Company, being the 1st one to start Salesforce training in Rajasthan, India, and currently selling his courses worldwide. Shrey is also a marvelous speaker who actively presents topics revolving around Salesforce and Entrepreneurship at various worldwide conferences. Shrey has also been a Judge in multiple technical and business hackathons organized by the Government of India, like the Smart India Hackathon. Shrey is a leader with out of the box thinking who emphasizes not only on hitting the sales targets but also providing an amazing experience to the customers and employees. Shrey believes in building a team with strong values, ethics, and behavior, leading to the amazing culture at Cyntexa.


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