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Boomi Platform in Action Modern EDI
Boomi Platform in Action Modern EDI
Our fictional customer Francium’s third party is too slow to make changes, and they have limited visibility when issues arise. Boomi’s #EDI B2B Management service allows Francium to ownership and modernize its trading partner network.

Learn more about Boomi’s EDI/B2B management here:

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Connect and Automate:
Modern EDI:
Synchronize Critical Data:
Create an API:
Build Workflows:

*All about Boomi:*
Boomi is the integration platform that intelligently connects your applications and automates your workflows helping you go faster, save time, and transform your business. Boomi eliminates integration challenges so you can accelerate new business models and deliver digital products at warp speed. We are the integration platform as a service leader. 8x Forrester Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in #IPaaS. #GoBoomiIt

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