EASIEST Way to Making MILLIONS in GTA Online

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EASIEST Way to Making MILLIONS in GTA Online
EASIEST Way to Making MILLIONS in GTA Online
In today’s short, I will show you a well known wall breach that you can make money off using the VIP mission ‘most wanted’. This has to be one of the most easiest ways to make cash in GTA 5 online, you can even do this well afk!

‘Most Wanted’ is a CEO/VIP Challenge in free mode that encourages players to get a Wanted Level and struggle to stay alive against heavy opposition. Getting a Wanted Level is easy, but players will need to cause a lot of ruckuses to get a 5-star Wanted Level, which the challenge requires. Players are restricted from entering their yacht, property, or aircraft using a parachute or a submarine but players can do this map glitch so they can make millions of most wanted!

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Thanks to DarkViperAU for the short idea!

Rock – https://youtu.be/7e_joRNL5f4
Paper – https://youtu.be/EPEj4XCl4Ng
Scissors – https://youtu.be/RUec7ACJPx4

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