How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to PS4 #shorts #youtubeshorts #ps4 #gameplay #games #gaming #gamer

HomeOther Content, TechHow to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to PS4 #shorts #youtubeshorts #ps4 #gameplay #games #gaming #gamer
How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to PS4 #shorts #youtubeshorts #ps4 #gameplay #games #gaming #gamer
How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to PS4 #shorts #youtubeshorts #ps4 #gameplay #games #gaming #gamer
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What games can this adapter play?
1. This adapter is fully compatible with PS4 (PS4, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim), Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S), Nintendo Switch. You can play all the games available on the above consoles with mouse and keyboard.
2. This adapter does not support playing PS5 games at the moment, but it supports playing PS4 games on PS5 with mouse and keyboard, and the original PS4 controller must be used instead of the PS5 controller to connect.

About Keyboards:
Please do not use some special keyboards (such as 60% keyboards) or keyboards with high power consumption (such as some models of Corsair and Razer), because it may cause incompetibility issues.

About Mouse:
This adapter is compatible with most mice on the market, including 2.4G wireless mice with independent receivers. The following are recommended Mouse Brands and Models:
Redragon: M602, M607, M715, M901-1
Razer: DeathAdder V2 (20K DPI), Basilisk V2, Lancehead Quartz, Mamba Elite
Logitech: G102, G402, G603, G502 Hero
Corsair: Harpoon RGB Pro, Ironclaw RGB, M65 RGB Elite, Glaive RGB Pro, Nightsword RGB
SteelSeries: Rival 3, Rival 310, Rival 600, Sensei 310, Sensei Ten
Mad Catz: R.A.T. 1

Quality After-sale Technical Support:
If you have any problems when using this adapter, please send the following information to our customer service email ([email protected]). We will generally reply you within 24 hours or less:
1. What’s your order number or product model?
2. What brand of keyboard and mouse do you use with this adapter?
3. Which game console are you using this adapter for?
4. Do you connect the equipment strictly according to the steps in the manual?
5. Describe the problem you encountered in as much detail as possible.

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