How to Enable or Disable Imagick on Your WordPress Site – Load Speed Or Image Quality?

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How to Enable or Disable Imagick on Your WordPress Site - Load Speed Or Image Quality?
How to Enable or Disable Imagick on Your WordPress Site – Load Speed Or Image Quality?
In today’s video tutorial, we’ll learn how to enable or disable the Imagick php module on your WordPress website to focus on performance and load speed or in image quality in a simple, fast and free method.
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Are you willing to enable Imagick on your WordPress website? Frequently, WordPress will utilize Imagick by default to manage all of your website’s images. However, altering the default settings for Imagick can improve the performance of a website or present images that are more appealing to visitors.

In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to enable Imagick on your WordPress website, and then alter the settings to enhance the visitor experience. #wordpress #imagick #tutorial

How does WordPress utilize the Imagick software? Every time you upload, modify, or display an image, WordPress enhances that image in secret. This procedure guarantees that your photographs appear attractive and are fast to load.

By default, WordPress will utilize the Imagick or GD Library to optimize images. These are collections of libraries, or pre-written code that can be utilized by anyone. They enable WordPress to utilize images to display, create, convert, and edit content.

WordPress also utilizes these libraries to resize and crop images, compress image files, and convert them into different formats.

These libraries have also allowed you to alter the way images appear by altering the contrast, increasing or decreasing the brightness, or adding additional content like watermarks or text.

They may be identical, but GD Library lacks Imagick’s benefits, it supports over 200 different image formats and typically generates higher-quality images. As a result, WordPress typically uses the Imagick library if it’s available on the server.

Why it is beneficial to customize the Imagick library on your WordPress website? Frequently, you will not have to concern yourself with Imagick; WordPress utilizes it in default whenever possible.

However, because it produces higher-quality images, Imagick can lead to an increase in the size of your image files. This may adversely affect your website’s performance, particularly if the images are large and have a high resolution.

If your website takes longer to load or respond, this is detrimental to your WordPress’s search engine optimization. It’s also a poor experience for visitors to visit, which may negatively impact your conversion rate or sales.

There are multiple methods of increasing the speed and efficiency of WordPress, one of the most significant of these is altering the settings associated with Imagick.

Some websites have the opposite problem. Artists, photographers, and other content creators may want to encourage visitors to view the most impressive images, even if this hinders their site’s speed. Despite typically providing sharper images than GD Library, Imagick may still optimize images in a way that negatively affects their quality.

No matter your desire to prioritize speed or image quality, there’s no built-in mechanism to do so with the way Imagick handles images.

However, you can verify that Imagick is installed and activated on your website, if so, you can adjust the settings of the plugin using a free add-on.

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