How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

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How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode
How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode
This video is about when your iPhone get stuck in headphones mode and the speakers don’t work. Many users have reported this problem.

If you can’t listen to the audio, please turn on the captions–they walk through all the steps too in text on-screen.

Visit the written tutorial for more tips:


Liz: HI everybody. Liz from Apple ToolBox here.

Liz: I usually listen to my music on my iPhone with headphones, but sometimes I just don’t fee like wearing them.

Liz: But sometimes, my iPhone just gets stuck in headphones mode and the speakers don’t work.

Liz: This seems to happen to a lot more people than just me. So I’m going to walk you through some things I’ve done to get my iPhone unstuck from headphone mode.

Liz: So let’s get to it!

Liz: Probably the easiest thing to do is plug your headphones in and out. There might be dust or dirt in the headphone jack, so doing this a few times may just loosen up what’s in there.

Liz: Another thing to try is blow some air into the headphone jack. Do it yourself or use a can of compressed air, even a hairdryer just make sure it’s on the cool setting…

Liz: For all these tips, don’t forget to turn your iPhone off first—do this before you perform any type of cleaning on the jack itself.

Liz: You can use a toothpick, Q-Tip, or one of those interdental brushes, just be really gentle cause you don’t want to push too hard—that could lead to much worse problems. Wiggle it around so it hits all sides of the jack and then carefully pull it out.

Liz: Finally, if none of these things help let’s try changing some settings on your iPhone. Switch on AirPlane mode, back up to iCloud, or go to Settings, Sounds, Ringtone and play something. While playing, press volume up or down to get headphones mode unstuck.

Liz: I hope these techniques help you get your speakers back in action. Cleaning out your headphone jack may also result in better sound, since dust and debris interfere with contact.

Liz: Don’t forget to check out the article link for more tips on how to fix an iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

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Liz: And that’s a wrap! Have a good one.

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