How to Remove Sim Card Without Tool

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How to Remove Sim Card Without Tool
How to Remove Sim Card Without Tool
In this quick video I show you how to remove sim card without tool. This works for practically any cell phone. iPhone, Apple, Samsung, Android, Motorola etc.

The first step is to locate the sim card slot on your phone. On some phone like iPhones, they are mainly located on the side. On other phone such as Samsung S10 S10 etc they are located on the top.

If you do not have a sim card removal tool, you can use an earring or paperclip. However you SHOULD NOT use a needle as this could potentially damage your phone.

Using an earring or paperclip, simply insert it into the small hole located on your sim card slot and give it a good push. It should eject the sim card tray out. Then use your hand to grab and remove the tray from your phone.

The sim card has four side and so does the tray. But one side has a flat edge and make sure you align up the new sim card you are going to install correctly into the sim card tray. Once the new sim card is properly and securely in the tray, just re insert it back into your phone and give it a good push. It should lock in place and sit flush with the edge of your phone.

I hope you found this video helpful on how to remove a sim card from your cell phone without a removal tool. Please give it a like if you found it helpful!

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