JetBrains GameDev Day 2023

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JetBrains GameDev Day 2023
JetBrains GameDev Day 2023
JetBrains GameDev Day 2023, October 13, 2023

This full-day event is dedicated to game development, covering Unity, Unreal Engine, and Godot. Here are the topics on today’s agenda:

1. Game DevOps: Elevating Your Unity and Unreal Build Pipelines With TeamCity, by Daniel Gallo
2. Insights on Testing Unreal Engine Support in Tools With Many Dependencies, by Oleg Kuldyshev
3. Scalable and Cloud-Native Mobile Game CI/CD Environment Using Unity, by Nemoto Tadashi.
4. How To Stop Writing View-Classes for Unity UI, by Dmitrii Ivashchenko.
5. Empowering Non-Developers: Creating Editor Tools and Workflow Customizations in Unity, by Ants Aare Alamaa
6. Top 10 Unity Assets That Every Project Should Use, by Oles Dibrivniy
7. godot-playfab – A Godot Extension To Easily Integrate PlayFab, a Cloud-Based Backend as a Service, by Johannes Ebner
8. How to Apply the Software Engineering Process to the Gamedev Process, by Ryan L’Italien
9. Introduction to Data-Oriented Design in Unity, by Johnny Thompson
10. How Sprocket Games Achieved 10x Playtest Velocity for an Unreal Engine Game With Kotlin DSL, BuildGraph, and AWS, by Nicolas Tittley
11. Getting Started Developing for Apple Vision Pro with Unity, by Dan Miller

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