Marc Morera: DBAL and ORM in ReactPHP

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Marc Morera: DBAL and ORM in ReactPHP
Marc Morera: DBAL and ORM in ReactPHP
Interview with Marc Morera, an author of DriftPHP. We talk about the problem of the database persistence layer in asynchronous PHP. We discuss DBAL and ORM for ReactPHP.

DriftPHP – an asynchronous event-driven framework on top of Symfony and ReactPHP.
Loop run – the first conference about asynchronous PHP (26-27 March 2020 Barcelona).
ReactPHP – event-driven, non-blocking I/O with PHP.
Marc Morea on Twitter –


0:10 – Database clients for ReactPHP
9:35 – The problem of missing ORM and DBAL
16:40 – How to handle connection issues
24:25 – Challenges for ReactPHP community
29:40 – – the conference to meet async php community together

Learning Event-Driven PHP With ReactPHP
ReactPHP For Beginners

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