Mike Patrick is Blown Away by the NEW Yamaha Montage M8X!

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Mike Patrick is Blown Away by the NEW Yamaha Montage M8X!
Mike Patrick is Blown Away by the NEW Yamaha Montage M8X!
The Yamaha Montage M is here and with it comes a new era of professional workstation keyboards! This new keyboard raises the bar for ease of use, sound, performance features, polyphony and the keybed itself! https://tinyurl.com/yqoh8b4y

» Yamaha MONTAGE M6 Synthesizer https://tinyurl.com/yqudav76
» Yamaha MONTAGE M7 Synthesizer https://tinyurl.com/yuqk5gk6
» Yamaha MONTAGE M8X Synthesizer https://tinyurl.com/yw3e37ck

» Check out all our Yamaha Montage Synths! https://tinyurl.com/ypttll4q

» Check out all our Yamaha Synths! https://tinyurl.com/yqoh8b4y

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» 0:00 Introducing Mike!
» 0:15 Introducing the Montage M!
» 1:00 Let’s Hear It!
» 1:48 The Three Engines
» 5:20 Presets?
» 6:24 ‘Cinematic Flutes’
» 7:36 ‘Ostinato Stacc MW/SK’
» 10:35 About the Synth Engine!
» 11:50 Exploring the Interface!
» 13:20 Touch Ribbon to Control Rotary on Organ?
» 15:50 Lets Hear the Pianos!
» 16:35 ‘Nashville Vintage EQ’
» 17:23 ‘Composer Felt Piano’
» 19:12 Exploring a Lofi Preset & the Effects
» 20:30 ‘CFX Old Tapes’
» 21:30 CFX Piano
» 23:20 Exploring FMX
» 25:36 The Montage Raises the Bar
» 26:14 ‘Inauguration’

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