Procreate VS Sketchbook

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Procreate VS Sketchbook
Procreate VS Sketchbook
In this video we’ll do a comparison between drawing software: Procreate and Sketchbook.

00:00 intro
00:14 Software overview
01:41 Interface
03:41 Tools and workflow
06:06 Learning curve
06:53 Final verdict
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1. Ittai Manero’s Procreate Brushes Sets

01 Paint & Chill Brush Set for Procreate
02 The Pixel Art Experience Brush Set for Procreate
03 Thick Paint: An Oil Painting Brush Set for Procreate
04 The Comic-Book Artist Brush Set for Procreate
05 The Watercolor Experience Brush Set for Procreate
06 MB Pencilmania: A Spectacular Graphite Brush Set for Procreate
07 MB Colors: A Color Palette Generator for Procreate
08 SuperPowers! Special Effects Brush Set for Procreate
09 Epic Pastels: Ultra Realistic Soft Pastel Brush Set for Procreate
10 SuperScreentones for Procreate, Photoshop, CSP and more!
11 Character Designer Toolkit for Procreate, Photoshop, CSP and MORE!
12 The Sketchbook Experience for Procreate
13 Wild Textures: A Fun and Powerful Procreate Brush Set
14 Dynamic Stippling & Patterns Brush Set for Procreate
15 Ultimate Dynamic Comic Panels, Balloons and SFX Toolkit for Procreate
16 The Crosshatching Experience Brush Set for Procreate

2. MaxPack Brushes :
01 The Retro MaxPack
02 The Watercolor MaxPack
03 The Gouache MaxPack v2
04 The Comics MaxPack
05 The Painter’s MaxPack
06 The essential MaxPack v2
07 The Oil MaxPack
08 The Sampler Max pack

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